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The Focus XR5 Turbo is Ford's latest and greatest hot hatch to reach Australia's shores. The Focus XR5 Turbo builds on the very competent Ford Focus platform to deliver a class leading performance hatchback highlighted by a unique drivetrain, aggressive styling and a 5 star euro safety rating.

ST Logo
Design and branded as the Focus ST by Team RS in the UK, it is manufactured in Germany. Demand thus far has easily oustripping supply in Europe meaning by and large the XR5T has yet to reach Australian shores in large numbers.
Good news for current owners, bad news for those desperate to settle into those very comfortable Recaro sports seats.



Ford Focus ST vs XR5 Turbo


The Focus ST comes in 3 variants to that market, the ST-1, ST-2 and ST-3. The features available naturally increase in cost as more options are ticked in the box as per each ST specification. There are some fabulous options such as Sunroof and Bi-Xenon Headlamps that unfortunately we miss out on.

The Focus XR5 Turbo, available to the Australian market only comes in a single specification providing a mix of options normally available across a the ST variants. Highlights include the Premium Sony 6 disc sound system and DSC standard.


Colours - The Focus XR5 Turbo is available to the Australian market in 6 fantastic colours. The only colour not making the journey across the ocean is the white variant.

Electric Orange is the official hero colour of the XR5 Turbo which you will notice in all official media and photos. All other colours excluding Colorado Red are unique to the XR5 Turbo and with limited supply in the country spotting these all together is nigh on impossible, unless you're part of a cruise.


Ford XR5 Turbo - Electric Orange
Ford XR5 Turbo - Performance Blue
Ford XR5 Turbo - Panther Black
Electric Orange
Performance Blue
Panther Black
Ford XR5 Turbo - Moondust Silver
Ford XR5 Turbo - Sea Grey
Ford XR5 Turbo - Colorado Red
Moondust Silver
Sea Grey
Colorado Red





The Ford Focus XR5 Turbo, have you seen one on the roads yet? Chances are, it's a NO. It's no secret Ford Australia are having issues getting anywhere near the demand for these cars due largely to the fact that they can't produce enough of them to satisfy demand across Europe.

The members of the community do a great job of keeping everyone up to date with cars spotted available in dealers and around the traps. Keep an eye out on the forums if you are looking to get into an XR5 Turbo. The waiting times aren't great but there are still rural dealers with XR5s gather dust in the lot waiting to do a deal.


Available Options - Short and sweet is the order of the day for current options available for the Focus XR5 Turbo. Following is the rather large list:

  • Optional Leather Sports Recaros (as shown) with front passenger and driver seat heating.
  • Choice of Colours
    • Electric Orange
    • Performance Blue
    • Panther Black
    • Moondust Silver
    • Sea Grey
    • Colorado Red (only no-cost option)
Ford Focus XR5 Turbo - Leather Recaros



Technical Information & Specification


Engine & Transmission - Unlike most 4-cylinder hot hatches, the Focus XR5 Turbo receives the Volvo Duratec 5-cylinder powerplant. The 2.5L, 5-cylinder turbo charged T5 engine provides 166kW @ 6000rpm and 320Nm of torque spread lovingly across the rev range from 1600rpm to 4000rpm providing fantastic in-gear acceleration using the closed-ratio 6-speed manual transmission.


Ford Focus ST / XR5 Turbo Duratec 5 Cylinder Engine
Ford Focus ST / XR5 Turbo 6 speed sports transmission


Safety and Handling - Three letter acronyms galore! ABS, ESP and EBD all standard on the XR5. Braking is uprated to a larger 18" rim filling 320mm x 25mm (ventilated) discs with rear braking also uprated to 280mm x 11mm (solid). Ontop of adjustable sports steering, the Focus XR5 achieved it's 5 star Euro NCAP Safety rating with front, side and curtain airbags for pilot and navigator.


Styling - Let's all be honest, as a hot hatch, it does pay a certain amount of respect and homage to the styling of the great Lamboghinis with sporty 18" Alloy rims and a fantastic in-your-face hero colour, Electric Orange. Delving deeper the twin XR5 exhaust, sporty external styling and fantastic Recaro sports bucket seats set this car clearly apart from your run of the mill Ford Focus.


Ford Focus ST / XR5 Turbo - Wheels and Brakes
Ford Focus ST / XR5 Turbo - Gauges


Highlights - Delving deeper into the bowels of the XR5 Turbo, the submarine lighting, Premium Sony 6 stack sound system, fog lights, 3 spoke leather steering wheel and XR5 scuff plates really set. Oh and the depth of voice billowing from the Focus XR5 Turbo powerplant ensures it is a hot hatch with real character.



Aftermarket Solutions


With a strong powerplant, extremely competent chassis and a solid set of stoppers, the Focus XR5 Turbo provides a solid base to expand on when delving into the magic that is aftermarket modifications. Cosmetic modifications are also a serious consideration for many due to the lack of factory fitted options available.

Following are a number of performance solutions available in the marketplace, these solutions are discuss in greater detail in the Technical / Modifications section on the forum:

  • ECU Upgrades - Choice is here. (Woo!)Traditionally our UK friends have enjoyed the good results and flexibility provided by the Bluefin. Now Powerchips Australia have developed a high quality performance tune (known as the Power Flash) specifically for the XR5 Turbo and Australia conditions to provide excellent bang for your buck.
  • So what's the difference?

    The Powerchip tune is loaded onto your system and provides a significant boost in performance. The Bluefin is a handheld flash unit that provides portability of your tune between the unit and your car for interchangeability.

    In brief, both solutions effectively upgrades the ECU (car's computer) by flashing an upgraded performance version onto the car's computer. This program aims to provide more power and torque whilst improving overall driveability.

    All modern cars heavily rely on intricate computer systems, the Focus XR5 Turbo is no different, it is highly recommended that to gain the best bang for your buck when searching for more power, your first stop will be to have a good look at an ECU upgrade such as a performance tune from Powerchips or a handheld tuner like that from Bluefin.

Ford Focus St / XR5 Turbo - Bluefin


  • Intercooler Upgrades - Once again with the XR5 Turbo only in AU for a short period of time, the only real solution available is an import from the UK.

    Pumabuild / Radtec developed a custom front mount intercooler (FMIC) specifically for the Focus ST / XR5 Turbo that is producing great results drastically dropping and maintaining Air Charge Temperatures, the end result providing approximately 20kW of extra power.

    Ford XR5 Turbo - Radtec Intercooler

    It appears two other solutions are now available from Forge and Pro-Alloy in the UK, as they are only new to the market results are hard to find.

    There is unconfirmed suspicion that the XR5 Turbo may actually have a larger Intercooler (for Australian conditions) than the current stock version available on the Focus ST, it is yet to be confirmed or denied.


  • Exhaust Upgrades - Same story regarding local availability, currently the only developed solution for the XR5 Turbo is an import from the UK with a number of manufacturers developing solutions.

    Milltek, Mongoose, Piper and Magnex have all developed custom solutions for the Focus XR5 Turbo delivering both CAT back and complete system replacement solutions.

Ford Focus XR5 Turbo - Magnex Tailpipe 4"


  • CAI Upgrades - You only need to take a look into the engine bay of an XR5 Turbo to understand that an aftermarket CAI could provide significant improvements to performance.

    Ford Focus XR5 Turbo - GGR CAI

    The GGR CAI system is currently the only aftermarket CAI available for the Focus XR5 Turbo. Performance is yet to be independently proven although GGR claim a 12-15 kW performance increase.


No doubt the local tuning market will turn onto developing performance modifications once it becomes significantly more financially viable. Our rapidly growing member base also have a number of enterprising individuals that will no doubt lead the charge into developing solutions for their own cars.



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